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Professional training and development solutions

I’m here to help with professional training, learning and development solutions. Having worked with a huge number of companies, organisations, charities and individuals I have combined unique, tried and tested techniques to create strategies that get results.


With extensive professional experience I’ve worked in a range of different sectors within learning and development (L&D) where she provided a breadth of experience in the end to end development from concept, strategic design all the way to post delivery analysis. As my knowledge, skills and industry prowess grew, I eventually founded Tessellate Learning supporting businesses and organisations just like you.

Check out some of the learning techniques I use below

Learning architecture

Working with Corporate Working Services creating Learning Management System platforms and content for a range corporate clients, including: English Institute of Sport (UK Sport), SoftwareONE, SolvdTogether, Awaris, Readocracy, LogicEarth, 5App, Kaplan, Multiverse/Whitehat, The Open University, Cirrus Connect, CloserStill Media, The Thiagi Group, Richmond Events, And HSBC.

Innovation and partner management

Collaborating with partners including iTunes U, Amazon Kindle, YouTube, AudioBoom, BBC, Google Play and OpenLearn to create new and innovative learning content to 10 million learners worldwide.

Experience design

Putting learners first, delivering learning solutions that take a blended, practice based approach. Surpassing the typical corporate learning content and platforms. From flipped classrooms, to gamification. Resulting in the design, development and delivery of over 300 global training courses.

Learning culture

Creating transformational leaders, passionate advocates for their teams L&D journey. Teams that go on to becoming engaged, motivated, learning ambassadors. The ultimate goal being to create a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ culture that we’re used to seeing.

Digital transformation

Designing and implementing successful digital strategies that smash through geographical divides and organisational silos. This includes an LMS, virtual classrooms and a wealth of online learning resources.

Learning design and development

Creating and delivering strategies for both internal and client learning solutions across content and platforms designed to drive performance and boost learner engagement..

Data driven insights

Tracking and understanding strengths and weaknesses in learner engagement to improve our offering and relate to individual business performance requirements such as, helping sales teams progress their skills, hit targets and boost company profitability.


Using industry best practice for production excellence, supported by diagnostics and data driven insights, which guarantee exciting content and presentation to deliver results.


Leading production, presentation and project teams, design, development and daily delivery of a corporate business school for 37 companies across 93 countries.

Project management

Utilising scrum to get the work done faster, agile workflows and waterfall to keep projects linear, ensuring targets are met and efficiencies are made.

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