Stakeholders: Who Really Has a Slice of the Pie?

Recently I was asked to record a mini series for Learning Now TV on engaging conversations, due to be broadcast shortly. In the first episode I discussed the importance of stakeholder analysis and mapping. It’s all too commonplace that when we consider stakeholders that we presume their authority and slice of the pie is alignedContinue reading “Stakeholders: Who Really Has a Slice of the Pie?”

Does Learning Culture Exist… Within You?

In 1974 ErnÅ‘ Rubik invented a combination puzzle to teach his students about solving complex three dimensional problems. An internal pivot mechanism allows each face to rotate independently, either to mix up the colours or solve the puzzle. The cube quickly became the subject of algorithms, each one trying to solve the puzzle faster thanContinue reading “Does Learning Culture Exist… Within You?”

Lights, Camera, Action!

In the words of the great Gloria Swanson… I am ready for my close up… This week saw the recording of the final episode of a new five part mini-series that I was asked to make for Learning Now TV on the topic of Engaging Conversations. Now, more than ever, this is a important topicContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Action!”

I’ll Do It Myself

Earlier this week I was asked to host a Learning Clinic by LPI, for the 40 minute session I received almost 200 questions in advance, and then additional questions in the live chat whilst the clinic was running. During the clinic I made the pledge that any attendees that didn’t have their question answered couldContinue reading “I’ll Do It Myself”

We Are Going To Need A Bigger Boat

For many we are in uncharted waters. And it will be a choppy ride. Our learning and development roles are changing I don’t mean to the extent of the nautical metaphors I have flooded this blog post with (even I inwardly groaned at that one), but in terms of how drastically our learning and developmentContinue reading “We Are Going To Need A Bigger Boat”

I do. A Question of Engagement.

2012. The year of the Summer Olympics. The Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England. And the year that the world of higher education and learning and development focused strongly on Massive Open Online Courses. It was dubbed ‘the year of the MOOC’. 2012 also saw the start of the obsession with completion data inContinue reading “I do. A Question of Engagement.”

Going Solo: The Canonbury Consultancy Group

The advent of COVID-19 saw many changes in the world of L&D, the rapid movement from face-to-face learning, the advent of many new home workers getting to grips with Zoom/Teams/etc. and, the creation of The Canonbury Consultancy Group. I decided in this life-changing year to step out stop and launch my own limit company. IContinue reading “Going Solo: The Canonbury Consultancy Group”

The Nice To Have And The Need To Have

L&D traditionally has been seen as the ‘nice to have’ department in an organisation, not necessarily the ‘need to have’, and it’s really taking the biscuit. I make no bones about it, I absolutely love working in L&D, the passion to help people become who they want to be is what gets me out ofContinue reading “The Nice To Have And The Need To Have”

Socialist L&D: Developing a Community as a Whole

For many years I’ve felt that L&D has been herded into three set fields; face-to-face, online, and blended. Whilst it is fine to categorise the type of learning that is being delivered, what is usually not identified, discussed, or strategically planned for is the learning culture needed to participate in L&D. Some companies talk aboutContinue reading “Socialist L&D: Developing a Community as a Whole”

The Butterfly Effect

Every day we in L&D make changes that can have significant impact at a later date. A change or update in content, a new method of delivery, a new platform, the use of mobile technology, a targeted training plan to address specific issues, the list goes on. In my last blog post, I spoke ofContinue reading “The Butterfly Effect”