Adaptive Learning: Who are we adapting for?

Earlier this evening I met with a good friend of mine after a day of meetings to put the world of educational technology to rights. The caveat of this post is that most thought provoking discussions I know have taken place in the presence of either caffeine or alcohol. In this case the latter asContinue reading “Adaptive Learning: Who are we adapting for?”

Talk Talk’ing About MOOC Learner Engagement

Learner engagement was at the heart of my doctorate research with my questions being: Why do people engage, and remain engaged in free open online courses? What elements of the design of the free open online courses increase or maintain learner engagement? I spent my time reviewing papers and research on how the course isContinue reading “Talk Talk’ing About MOOC Learner Engagement”

Learning about Design Part 2

Once again, the papers I have sourced relate to formal accredited for-fee study, though I will be drawing parallels wherever I can to informal non-accredited for-free learning and applying where possible. Review Learning Design has been a fairly recent noted emergence on the educational landscape, however Holden (2009) commented that design education at The OpenContinue reading “Learning about Design Part 2”

Learning about Design Part 1

I thought it was time to share with you my readings around learning design and considerations when applying it to informal learning. The concept of applying learning design to informal learning has started to grow due to the high numbers of registrations and dropouts for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) whereas previously it only hadContinue reading “Learning about Design Part 1”

Still Motivated to Learn?

This fortnight I have continued with my reading on motivation of students, again my frustration has continued with the limited papers available on the motivation of learners in a non/informal learning environment, so with the previous blog post I have been reading about motivation in formal teaching for students and applied it to non/informal learningContinue reading “Still Motivated to Learn?”

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

The last few weeks I have been reading papers on motivation. Frustratingly there aren’t that many papers on motivation for non-formal study (not for credit), but there are plenty on formal study (for credit). So I have been reflecting on how to reframe the themes, theories, and issues from the papers that I have beenContinue reading “Motivation, Motivation, Motivation”

Gaming with Learning Design – The Next Level

In the last post I continued my look into gamification and its affect on goals and motivation on learners, this post I move more into motivation and its impact on learner retention in informal learning, linking back to my reading on gamification, more to follow on that later this week. Review Previously the activity ofContinue reading “Gaming with Learning Design – The Next Level”

Gaming With Learning Design

This week I turned my attention to gamification. The purpose of this interest is through reviewing papers on learning design whilst on holiday with the focus for me being on the thought process of the potential design of learning journeys and motivation in informal learning, gamification became a field of interest. Over the years IContinue reading “Gaming With Learning Design”