Me, Myself and I

Reader, I married him … and by him I mean learning and development. Unlike Bronte, mine isn’t closeted in the attic, instead I work, live, breath, and research learning andd development.

So you may at this point be thinking that I am a literature PhD student, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I am in fact an EdD (Doctorate in Education) graduate in the field of technology learning, specifically in why learners become engaged in MOOCs and the impact on design.

So how did I get here? To this point?

I began my career at 18 working as a Corporate Business Team Leader and Trainer, specialising in training staff in sales companies how to connect with their customers, and therefore sell more effectively. I then moved into the Prison Service as a Litigation and Training Officer, training staff in government legislation, litigation practices, audits, and health and safety training.

In 2005 I moved from face-to-face learning and development to online and blended practices when I joined the OU, and over the years as a Senior Content Producer: Corporate and Commercial, I developed a range of projects with students and academics, largely on the theme of improving online communication methods within the web presence at the OU, utilising a range of emerging tools, platforms, and techniques to leverage student engagement.

In 2018 I was invited to join Solera Holdings as a Head of Learning and Talent, to design and develop a multilingual corporate university across 46 countries, I set up a successful EMEA business school which has now been expanded to 93 countries and 37 companies under the Solera umbrella. No formal learning and development existed in the organisation when I started this role, so I developed all the online learning as well as external accreditation for both soft skills and product content. I lead with an innovative approach encompassing bite sized courses, nano-degrees and a ‘micro masters’ all of which are available across a range of devices and powered by Bridge (Instructure) LMS. I was also been responsible for the marketing, recruitment, quality standards, governance, stakeholder management and the P&L of this initiative until the post came to a close due to Covid-19.

It is at this point that I should provide a health warning that the observant would have already noted. I don’t write like an academic even though my title is Dr, like the OU I am open to people, places, methods, and ideas, so my style of writing reflects as such. I write for all to be able to read, comment, and respond to, and if you would wish to do so please feel free as I like to listen and partake in a healthy debate, especially if it helps to move ideas forward.

No doubt the blog will develop over time, but you will also find me firmly sticking a flag in the ground at these online spots:


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