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I have more than 20 years experience in online, blended, and face to face learning and development.

Having worked in the majority of sectors within Learning and Development (L&D/0 has provided a breadth of experience in the end to end development of L&D from concept strategic design to post-delivery analysis.

  • Experience design: This is delivering learning solutions that take a blended, practice-based approach. From flipped classrooms, to gamification, putting learners first and upping the ante of what can be expected of corporate learning content and platforms. Culminating in the design, development and delivery of over 300 online courses globally.
  • Learning culture: Here I am creating a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ culture where people are engaged with learning and motivated to take part. Line managers approving checkpoints, becoming part of their staff’s learning and development and talent developing journey. It also gives themselves chance to become transformational leaders, with staff as learning ambassadors.
  • Digital transformation: This is about the implementation and design of a successful digital strategy that has smashed geographical divides and organisational silos. This includes an Learning Management System (LMS), virtual classrooms and a wealth of online learning resources.
  • Data-driven insights: It is important to do tracking and reporting of learner engagement to understand what works and doesn’t. In Learning and Development, it helps improve our offering and align to real business performance requirements e.g. helping sales teams progress their skills to hit their targets and boost company profitability.
  • Leadership: This includes skills from leading production, presentation and project teams, to managing the design, development and daily delivery of a corporate business school for 37 companies across 93 countries.
  • Learning architecture: I have been working within Corporate Learning Services to create Learning Management Systems (LMS) platforms and content for corporate clients, including The Open University, Solera Holdings, Bridge Instructure, Cirrus Connect, Standard Charter Bank, Google, Microsoft, Pearson, EON, EDF Energy, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The Crown Estate, Nesta, Barclays, HSBC, Yorkshire Water, Pinewood Studios, Civil Service, NASA, LinkedIn, Facebook and College of Law.
  • Innovation and partner management: Previously I have collaborated with partners including iTunes, Amazon Kindle, YouTube, AudioBoom, BBC, Google Play and OpenLearn to create new and innovative learning content to circa 10m learners worldwide.
  • Learning design and development: Delivering designs and strategies for both internal and client learning solutions across content and platforms that demonstrably increase engagement and drive performance.
  • Analytics: Establishing and coaching of best practice for production excellence supported by diagnostics and data to ensure that exciting ideas for content and presentation come to the fore and deliver real results.
  • Project management: Utilising scrum, agile and waterfall to ensure targets are met and efficiencies made.

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